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Serie LT/ST
Bucket Wheel/
Sand Trap
For the efficient dewatering and 
cleaning of sand

Serie LT/ST Bucket Wheel/Sand Trap

For the efficient dewatering and cleaning of sand


The increasing demands of the construction industry on the quality of concrete demand high-quality sands as aggregates. To comply with these requirements, bucket wheels and sand traps are used for the dewatering and de-sludging of wet-screened sand products.


COMEC bucket wheels and sand traps consist of a large tub with several compartments. In the first compartment of the tub the bulk of the sand settles on the bottom. The sand is conveyed by a worm gear to a wheel body and scooped out by the perforated buckets of the wheel body to be discharged into the nearest zone of the tub. In the following cleaning zone the sand is rinsed with water and thus freed of impurities. In the discharge zone, the cleaned sand is discharged tangentially by a wheel body with perforated buckets. A spillway system ensures that the wastewater drains away easily.


The especially sturdy construction and oil-lubricated drive make for low operating costs and long operating life.


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